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Ganter Interiors picGanter Interiors makes its clients’ ideas for interiors into realities.
By Alan Dorich, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

Ganter Interiors Inc. has long operated with the philosophy of keeping close to the client. “It was always important to keep the customer at the center of all endeavors,” COO Ronny Höhne says.

The New York City-based company applies that approach on its interior fit-out packages for general contractors, architects, developers and retailers. Ganter Interiors’ offerings range from design engineering to purchasing and manufacturing to site management and final installation, he says.

The firm, which carries more than 20 years of industry experience, has completed work on customized high-end apartments, offices, luxury stores and restaurants with exclusive finishes. Ganter Interiors’ portfolio also includes furniture rollouts for international retail brands.

“The range of our work extends from customized furnishings and interior development right up to complex technical interior equipment and construction management,” Höhne says. “It is our job to transfer the idea of our clients into technical solutions made of wood, metal, glass and stone.”

Ganter Interiors is part of The Ganter Group, a global leader in the building and interior fit-out sector. “Founded in 1995, we have expanded from our headquarters in Freiburg, Germany, in the Black Forest to further locations in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong and the U.S.A.,” he says.

A Reliable Partner

Each Ganter Interiors project requires unique expertise. The company meets this need by creating individual project teams with defined contacts for its customers, Höhne says.

“Since we are driven by a desire to be a reliable partner for our clients in all interior-related matters, we are a partner who takes full control of the situation and assumes responsibility,” he continues, adding that Ganter Interiors divides its business into three fields: retail, commercial and residential. Ganter Interiors box

When serving the retail sector, Ganter Interiors develops and builds high-quality sales spaces for national and international brands. “In the commercial sector, as your partner, we implement ambitious projects in the commercial or public domain – from office buildings [to] restaurants to town halls,” Höhne says.

In the residential sector, the company creates living spaces for private clients and investors. “Our team in New York City is specialized in providing end-2-end solutions for the client,” he says. “We take over the project where the job of the designer ends.”

Ready to Adapt

Designs and project requirements change regularly in Ganter Interiors’ industry. But the company copes thanks to its well-trained employees and its well-established partner network, which stretches across the world, Höhne says.

“Today, Ganter has a network consisting of more than 3,000 partner companies, from fabric to stone and wood to digital light systems,” he says. “Based on our business model, we are able to manage a high quantity of projects at the same time.”

The company also employs an internal risk management process that allows it reduce difficulties “to a minimum at the beginning of each project and every step of the way,” Höhne says. “That provides a high cost stability for our clients.”

Empowered Associates

Höhne is a longtime veteran of The Ganter Group and spent the last 10 years for projects in the Middle East, China, Russia and Europe. He also developed and led a division that served high-end, luxury clients in Freiburg before founding its “Team USA,” which focuses on projects in the U.S. market.

One of Höhne’s main tasks as COO, he notes, is empowering his employees. This helps his associates, who often have to complete very difficult projects that require deliberation and quick decisions.

The projects also can involve the use of many different materials. In order to keep them current with the latest materials technologies and requirements, The Ganter Group operates its own academy to train project managers and design engineers.

The company also has an internal rotating system, he adds. “[This] allows our employees to work in other countries for a while in order to transfer skills and knowledge and to enlarge the experience while working in a new culture,” Höhne explains.

“Of course, sometimes it is hard to lose a good employee for one or two years to another subsidiary,” he admits. “But the experience in working with skilled employees from all over the world compensates such [losses] and brings a huge benefit to the whole team.”

Green Network

LEED certification is increasingly important for Ganter Interiors’ clients, and the company is ready to meet that need. Thanks to its network, “We are not only able to source materials worldwide, we are also able to produce the interior fit out close to the site where it is needed – depending on the requirements of the client and in order to achieve LEED and other sustainability certifications,” Höhne says.

The Ganter Group has shares in other companies with a green focus. For example, “We are the shareholder of the AH Aktivhaus GmbH, for which we are realizing the interior fit-out of sustainable constructed and recyclable pre-fabricated houses that produce more energy than they consume,” he says.

Höhne says Ganter Interiors’ sustainable focus will continue as it grows. “The U.S. team is well established in the retail business as well as providing the E2E-Setup for pop-up stores,” he says. “Currently, we are enlarging our team and portfolio with the focus on residential and commercial projects – here in the United States, but also in the rest of the world.”

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